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Adjusting to the diagnosis

Keywords: Diagnosis, genetic testing, mutation, carrier, dystrophin, multidisciplinairy care

behaviour and adjustment

Keywords: Stress, behaviour, behavior, waiting, patience, adjustment, friends, social, attention, adhd, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ocd, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, autism, psychologist, psychology, psychiatry, psychiatrist

Bone Health All

Keywords: Bones, bone health, bone quality, falls, bone density, thin bones, osteoporosis, vitamine D, Calcium, sunshine, steroids, biphosphonates, fractures, standing, standing frame, long leg braces, KAFO’s, Dexa scan, X-rays, vertebrates


Keywords: Heart, cardio, cardiac, check, cardiologist, ECG, EKG, holter monitor, heart beats, MRI, echocardiogram, ultrasound, heart size, blood pressure, cardiac medication, betablockers, carvedilol, ace-inhibitors, chest pain

Cardiac devices

Keywords: Heart, cardio, cardiac, check, cardiologist, ECG, EKG, holter monitor, heart beats, heart rhytm, loop recorder, pacemaker, heart control, ICD, intra cardiac device, artificial heart, ventricular assist device


Keywords: Emergency room, emergency card, internet, dizziness, steroids, measurement of Carbondioxide, team, FES, fat embolism Syndrom, chestpain

Gastro Intestinal and Urinary Tract

Keywords: Food intake, calories, weight, overweight, eating, diet, nutritionist, dietician, pain, urinate, bowel, bowel movement, stool, drink water, rinse, dentist, healthy teeth, healthy eating, multivitamines, swallowing


Keywords: Breathing, pulmonologist, Pulmonary Function test, PFT, lungs, breathing muscles, assisted coughing, cough assist machine, CPAP, BiPAP, ventilation, snoring, vaccination, pneumovax, influenze shot, air stacking, cough, FVC, headache, tired


Keywords: Growth, Height, short stature, measure height, growth check, endocrinologist, growth hormon, steroids

Learning and Intelligence

Keywords: Brain, dystrophin, intelligence, IQ, test, reading, multiplication tables, counting, mathematics, school, learning, cognitive functions, working memory, learning disability, concentration, early detection, support, teacher, teaching, school


Keywords: Joints, contractures, splints, ankle, knee, elbow, fingers, emergency, casting, surgical fixation, scoliosis, spine, standing frame, KAFO’s, AFO’s, Fat Embolism syndrome, steroids, Long leg braces, orthotics


Keywords: PT, stretching, movement, therapy, exercise, swimming, heel cords, braces, swimming, cycling

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